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Handmade Artisan Soaps



Raw Local Honey

It's always about the Bees and beekeeping, bees are always in first place in our apiary. Bees must have food for long, cold winters but if bees collect an extra amount of honey in the summer period, it is just a bonus for us.

Pure Irish
Beeswax Candles

Traditional pillar, honeycomb look, made with moulds, our Beeswax candles are made by hand, using pure Irish Beeswax from our bees, it has been purified and filtered so we kept all goodies in beeswax

Pure Beeswax Candle
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Handmade Artisan soap

Luxurious range of handmade soap bars are made using the finest ingredients, nourishing Mango and Shea Butter and finest oils. They are made using ancient technique that saponifies natural oils and butters to produce a gently cleansing, luxuriously rich and creamy soap.

All the soaps are 100% Palm Free made in small batches and then cured for up to six weeks 

Calendula Balm

This is a perfect, gentle, healing balm made with Calendula (Marigold) oil. Calendula is a key ingredient in many natural skin care products and for a good reason! Calendula balm can ease, heal, or treat a huge array of skin conditions.

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Irish Raw Beeswax

Pure Irish Beeswax

100% pure Beeswax is made by Honey Bees from our apiary in Rathangan.

solid shampoo bars

Perfectly pH balanced and 100% soap free.

Made for all hair types

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Gift sets

Treat yourself or loved ones with a gorgeously natural gift.

Gift boxes are completely plastic free, we use only recyclable or biodegradable materials.

Bee Venom Face Cream

Bee venom cream is ideal for day and night treatment.
Promotes cellular metabolism.
For all skin types, including sensitive.
It's antioxidant and anti-aging effects revitalize and cleanse the skin of the face and neck.

Bee Venom Face Cream.jpg

From beehives to honeycombs, we are fascinated by the world of honeybees. We are a family of Beekeepers with 40+ beehives based in a fields around Rathangan,co.Kildare, as a honey producer, Honey Harvest is register with a Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine and also a memeber of North Kildare Beekeepers Association.

Image by Mika Baumeister

Interested in beekeeping?

We are family of a Beekeepers and we are very passionate about all things related to a Bees and Beekeeping.

As a Beekeeper, a really common question we get asked is:" but where do you get the honeybees from in the first place?

Starting your Beekeeping Adventure could be very easy with us helping you to become a Beekeeper. Every year we have certain number of Nucs and certain nuber of mated AMM (apis meliffera meliffera) Queens for sale.

If you are interested to become a beekeeper, fill the 

and we will get in touch with you.

As a beginner you'll need some equipment to start and you can find it 

Image by Bianca Ackermann


We can all do our bit to help bees whether that’s in our gardens, balconies or windowsills. You can also chat to friends and family about how cool bees are and help them to make their wild spaces bee-friendly. 


Plant a range of flowers in your garden so bees can have access to nectar from March to October. Bees love traditional cottage garden flowers and native wildflowers, like primrose, buddleia, and marigolds. And if I may ask to cut your grass less often in your garden, the Bees will appreciate it.

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