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Soft set honey, also known as creamed honey or whipped honey, is a type of honey that has been processed to have a smooth, creamy texture. It is made by controlling the crystallization process of honey, resulting in a fine and spreadable consistency.

To produce soft set honey, a small amount of already crystallized honey (also called seed honey) is added to liquid honey. The seed honey acts as a catalyst for the crystallization process. The mixture is then gently stirred or whipped to evenly distribute the crystals throughout the honey. This process creates a uniform texture with fine crystals, giving it a smooth and creamy appearance.

The controlled crystallization of soft set honey helps prevent the formation of large and grainy crystals, which are typically found in naturally crystallized honey. The resulting product has a velvety texture and spreads easily, making it a popular choice for spreading on bread, toast, or adding to various recipes.

Harvested in October 2023.

Soft Set Honey 227g